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New Radio-frequency deactivator of SM TRADE Company. Its accessible and effective.

According to desires of the customer radio-frequency deactivator can be combined with magnetic, such device is recommended for radiomagnetic Gateway Systems. Deactivator is contactless, so the staff of shop does not make superfluous movements at work and saves time for service of each buyer. Deactivator can be combined with the bar code scanner.


The newest antitheft EAS systems will be installed on building-materials base "Rybinskaya"

In the near future also is planned the introduction of eventual system of videocontrol Set Prisma 4. Sensor Rail System allows objects of retail trade to get to a new level in the field of prevention of losses. The tracking chamber is fixed on directing rail and has an opportunity to move around all trading hall. Thus, the problem of inefficient use of stationary chambers in rooms with low ceilings or high racks is solved.

Aerials Sensormatic UltraLane are thin, but at the same time have the big radius of action: they can be applied effectively in hypermarkets with wide cash passes. For building-materials base "Rybinskaya" such decision seems to be the most successful, as dimensional goods frequently pass through cash units.

Systems of protection of the goods on racks became the additional elements of complex of prevention of losses in shops.


UltraExit from Sensormatic: new generation of safety.

Keeping functionality of previous developments, Ultra Exit allows to lower expenses on antitheft equipment on 15-20 %. A secret of economy is simple: the new controller supposes simultaneous connection up to four aerials. It is necessary to note, that such configuration also considerably simplifies installation of system.

The line of antitheft systems Ultra Line assumes three variants of performance. Most economic decision - aerials with casing from plastic of various colors. More expensive variant- Aerials of composite material, which can be used as advertising. And, at last, for the shops giving the special attention to interiors, the graceful decision completely transparent aerials from acryle is offered. Traditional for Sensormatic addition to system can be the counter, which can optionally be established on the aerial.


In our web-site have appeared photos of antitheft systems in shops of our clients


OKEY again chooses Sensormatic - at once for two objects

This time the choice has stopped on Model UltraLane, which is characterized by durability, small dimensions and fine design. UltraLane protects cash rulers on 60 and 49 POS-terminals.

For more reliable protection of the expensive goods - phones and laptops - is chosen rather new kind of the equipment - systems of protection of the goods on racks of company Protex. Thus for each product in conditions of self-services the individual defence is provided.


New receipts: systems of protection of the goods on Racks - Protex


New electro-magnetic label of SM TRADE manufacture

Since February, 2006, Manufacture of labels begins on the basis of a microwire. Labels are compatible with electromagnetic Systems of manufacture of the companies Sensormatic and GateWay. Except for Not appreciable the label possesses the increased factor Of detectings in antitheft Systems. For interested persons to receive Free-of-charge samples, please send the request to contact email.

New The all-Russian network of Hypermarkets SantaHouse Chooses system AMS-1080

The first shop of a new network has officially opened in Saint Petersburg on the third December in a trading complex "Meridian" on highway Pulkovskoe.

Experts of the SM TRADE have analysed a problemof protection of the goods from thefts successfully realized the project of delivery and installation of new system of acoustomagnetic technologies AMS1080. This system is specially intended for installation in cash passes of large shops. And as well as possible approaches for needs of the customer.

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